Welcome to a'TEST Consultants, Inc.



a'TEST is a leading "TPA" (Third Party Administrator) providing all services associated with drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace program management. Specific programs and services include:

  • Drug Testing at SAMHSA-certified laboratories, with electronic reporting of test results.
  • Urine specimen collections at our offices or on-site at the client's facility, by D.O.T. and SAMHSA standards.
  • Breath alcohol testing by certified B.A.T.s (Breath Alcohol Technicians) using breathalyzer equipment approved for D.O.T. testing.
  • Student drug testing and assistants as a member of Student Drug Testing of America.
  • Assistance to clients in drug-free workplace substance abuse policy preparation.
  • Total management capabilities for D.O.T. drug-free workplace compliance programs.
  • D.O.T. compliance consortium for trucking companies with 1 to 3 drivers who must participate in a consortium and for small trucking companies with up to 15 drivers who prefer to participate in a consortium.
  • Random testing generation and random database maintenance using verifiable and reproducible random program.
  • Laboratory quality assurance monitoring using "blind" samples.
  • Monitoring of the turn-around time for test results from the laboratory and M.R.O. (Medical Review Officers.)
  • Educational programs for employee substance abuse awareness and to meet D.O.T. supervisory training requirements.
  • M.R.O. (Medical Review Officer) and S.A.P. (Substance Abuse Professional) services.
  • Referrals to treatment providers, wellness programs, and E.A.P.'s (Employee Assistance Programs).
  • Emergency response on a 24-hour per day, 7 day per week basis for post-accident or for reasonable suspicion situations requiring drug and and/or alcohol testing.
  • Networking nationwide with other collectors for specimen collections and breath alcohol testing using a database of thousands of facilities.
  • Single Source Billing option, where a'TEST takes the billing for all testing service charges and includes all providers charges on a particular donor's test on a single bill.